St Bart's Services

Coronavirus guidance update

In line with the updated guidance from the Government and the Church of England, we are suspending all public services at this time. (Funerals are still able to take place)

The Archbishops have said this in their latest letter:
'Being a part of the Church of England is going to look very different in the days ahead. Our life is going to be less characterised by attendance at church on Sunday, and more characterised by the prayer and service we offer each day.'

Let's make sure we stay connected to one another during this time and seek to serve those around us as well as with God. Let's remember we can still pray, we can still worship God, we are still a people of hope.
Thank you for your patience with us as we seek to navigate what it means to 'be church' in the days ahead.

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For full guidance details please visit the Church of England website